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Digital Intermediate
Film Scanning
Film Restoration and Archival
Film Recording
Smoke online, NLE Edit suites
HD Postproduction
Digital Film Transfers
3D Animation
3D Stereoscopic Animation
    Well calibrated workflow from film scanning till Film Output
  1. High Quality Film Scanning
  2. Confirming
  3. Primary and Secondary correction
  4. CGI / VFX
  5. Film Out
  6. Film Print
  7. Digital Theatrical Output
    Laser Graphics DIRECTOR
  1. 2K Pin-Registered Scan
  2. High Quality (compare with other scanner)
  3. Output to 10bit dpx file format
  4. Can scan with KeyCode info / Cutlist
  5. Super attractive price for volume scans
* To get a sample scan of your negative, contact us
    Automated and Manual methods
  1. Manual Cleaning and Repair of the negative or Print
  2. Film Scanning of the Old Negative with Optical / Pin Registered Scanner
  3. Automated and Manual approach
  4. Can handle severely damaged footage
  5. Cost effective and Quick Turn around time
  6. Color Grading, Sound Restoration Services available
  7. Output to 35mm archival film, LTO, Blu Ray, Digital Cinema, DVD, Digi Beta, DVCAM format
* Contact us for a test restoration of your material at
* Downloads : Restoration Brochure

    Laser Graphics P3
  1. Output to Intermediate / Camera Negative
  2. 4K (4000 lines) Resolution
  3. Well calibrated with the local labs
  4. What you see is what you get in the print
* To get a sample film recording, contact us
Experienced team to handle complicated compositing
Shooting supervision
Creative value additions
Smooth color matching with the original negative

Digital Opticals:
For film projects, where full DI process is not done, Digital Opticals is a cost effective alternative. Dissolves,
Wipes, Fade-in, Fade-out, Main Credits, End Rolls, Picture in & Picture & out, other effects are part of the
story telling nowadays. Our process will ensure that the Digital Optical output negative will exactly match,
when inserted, with the original negative.

3D for Feature films:
Logo Animations: Logo Designing, 3D Animation & Compositing, Film / Video output
TItle Animations: concept & story board, 3D Animation & Compositing, Film / Video output


* Smoke Online Editing: Experienced Smoke Editors for TV Commercials, Trailers and Documentaries. Work from CMX-3600 Edl and Betacam / Digital Betacam Source. Can output to Digital Betacam / Betacam / DVD formats

* Non-Linear Editing: FCP with HD I/O; AVID
Experts in cutting sleek trailers for TV Commercials / Digital Movie / Documentary

Channel Trailers
Specialized editors for Trailer editing
Film Scanning from your original negative (for theatre trailers)
Offline editing
HD footage in youtube
Online color correction using Smoke
Film / Digital Output

    Movies from yester years will find new audience when B&W movies are converted in to color. What we do is, making the colorisation so real, it will be hard to believe they were colorised. This is possible only due to our work flow.

Astistic decision to choose colors that will suit the period of the movie
Semi Automatic and Manual workflow
Even minuite details are tracked and colorised
Restoration and Color Correction available to make the output brilliant

    We are pioneers in using digital technology for cinema production. We produced India’s first Digital Film with Color Correction in 2002, with Film Output. Our rich experience in the Digital Video, VFX and Post-Production enables us to understand the new technologies that appears in the market. Currently we can deliver complete solutions from the following formats : RED ONE, HDCAM, DVCPRO HD, P2, HDV and new evolving formats.

Offline editing from rushes
Colour Correction / VFX
Transfer to Film Negative (RT)
Assistance in film printing

    TOONWOODS ANIMATION (Digital Magic’s Animation Division)

Toonwoods Animation is a 3D Cartoon Animation Studio which always strives to create novelty and originality in it’s works. Our team always impresses our customers with our restless strive for perfection, creativity with the correct blend of technology and art. Toonwoods Animation is staged to deliver on the challenging goals with a blossoming and promising pipeline of animation characters just to meet your needs. (

    Complete production and Post-Production Services
  1. Stereoscopic Camera Rig
  2. Stereographer and DIT
  3. Offline editing
  4. DI, VFX and Animation services
  5. Output to Digital Cinema, Shutter Glass or Anaglyph format
  6. We make stereoscopic production affordable

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