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  Digital Magic Visuals (I) Ltd is an innovative & creative Post-production studio specializes in DI, VFX & 3D Animation for feature films & commercials. Started in 1996, Digital Magic is providing seamless services to its clients with organized work flow, swift response to the media�s revolutionary changes, realistic pricing and customer friendly approach.

Digital Magic has provided its outstanding services to various kinds of projects inclusive of 3D Stereoscopic special effects for feature films, 3D animation & Visual effects for more than 300 feature films, end to end digital post production for more than 2500 commercials.

Digital Magic was the first company to introduce Digital Cinema Technology in India, where it produced and technically supported a full length digital film for theatrical release thus paving a way for innovative method of film making.


Arul M Marappan, who is the founder & Managing Director of Digital Magic has 2 decades of experience in the field of Animation, Visual Effects and Post-Production. He has worked in various disciplines of film & video industry as Editor, 3D Animator, Visual Effects Consultant & Supervisor. Also he has produced a full length feature film in 2002 in Digital format which was considered as an impossible. With no deviation from the main activity, Mr. Arul has been grabbing every opportunity to expand the business and been very successful in that.
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